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"Christopher Toyne chews the scenery as the mad doctor running the experiment."

"Don't bite the hand that heals you," Dr. Brandt (Christopher Toyne). Brandt is by far the best character within the film. He is exactly what a horror film villain should be. He’s controlling, evil, diabolical and intelligent. More than any of that, he wears a phony facade of integrity which quickly crumbles.
Toyne perfects the role as bad guy. He is both provided the best dialogue within the film and offers the best delivery."

"Christopher Toyne is the standout as the slimy Dr. Brandt."
Freakin’ Awesome Network

"Brandt may seem like the model physician in the hospital wards, but he has an agenda. Christopher Toyne's performance is what sells this product. His passionate zeal for the greater good is understated. Some viewers may want to fill in the blanks themselves by suggesting Brandt was one of those mad Nazi scientists who fled Germany...
Although his accent is not distinct, that does not affect how wonderfully secretive this antagonist is.”

"The cast is very good, especially Christopher Toyne who plays Dr. Brandt, the best character in the movie.
He is a perfect villain: evil, cunning, diabolical, raw, with a frightening look.”
di Lorenzo Ricciardi, L'Ecran Fantastique (translated)

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